Call a Granite Importer in Vaughan For Your Renovation Needs

Granite countertops for your kitchen will be a worthwhile investment into the look and value of your Vaughan home. Granite has become an extremely trendy material and its appeal doesn't seem to be waning. Granite importers in Vaughan are on trend and supplying the newest and best of what is available. Updating the look of your kitchen can increase the value of your home considerably. Choosing the right material to execute your renovation will make all the difference to the significance of your upgrade.

Granite Slab or Tile Countertops

Granite is a gorgeous natural stone that is excavated from the earth. It is mined in very large rock formations and therefore it has to be broken down in order to make it easier to transport and process. There are several ways that granite is mined from the earth. A common procedure is blast mining with dynamite. Since granite is one of the hardest natural stones, second only to diamond, dynamite blasting is the quickest way to extract large rock formations from quarries. Once the rock is excavated, it can be transported to a plant that is responsible for slicing it into slabs or blocks depending on the consumers' request. In order to do this, the use of massive sawing machines that are equipped with diamond blades is required. Granite slabs are processed into tiles in this manner as well. The choice to use a slab for your countertop or individual tiles is a matter of preference. Professional installers may suggest that a slab is a more practical choice as there is no need to worry about matching seams. That being said, depending on the countertop shape and design, it might not always be possible to have a continuous uncut slab. In this case, the installer will match the join as closely as possible to minimize the appearance of a seam. Whether you choose a slab or tiles, your granite kitchen countertop will have the same durable, long lasting surface either way.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Kitchen

Fabulous kitchens and exquisite bathrooms sell homes fast. If you are renovating to sell, it makes sense to start in one of those two areas. Granite countertops add stunning appeal to the look of your home, and will definitely increase your resale value. Your financial investment will not be lost on improving the appearance of your kitchen or bathrooms. Granite countertops not only add visual interest, they are also a practical choice for everyday use. Granite is one of the hardest stones, and therefore it is virtually indestructible. Your countertops will last a lifetime, and require little maintenance to continue giving you the showroom splendor your fell in love with. They are easily cleaned and disinfected so there is no concern for food safety with your granite kitchen countertops. They are heat and scratch resistant and also hold up well when subject to moisture and food spills. It's no secret that investing in granite is a wise renovation decision. The beauty of natural stone is unmatched by anything that is manufactured. Update your home with the magnificent look of granite countertops and contact a top granite importer in Vaughan today.